Without Christ I Am Nothing










Without Christ I Am Nothing


Without Christ I am nothing.

Christ is my life,

Only His Love will supply,

My every need and desire,

Yes, He is my holy fire.


Without Christ I am nothing.

He is my comfort,

My peace and my strength,

He takes all my sorrows away.

No more pain,

No more sadness,

Only unspeakable joy,

And eternal gladness.


One day all my trouble will be gone,

And I will give Him praise,

All the day long.


Truly Christ is worthy to be praised,

Truly all will know Him on that day.


But until that day comes,

Let us all be faithful to the Son.

Let us spread the word,

So His voice may be heard,

And let us live triumphantly,

For He has put all things,

Under Our Feet,

Including every demonic principality.


There’s no more need to fear,

As long as You my Lord are near.

For without You I am nothing,

But with You I can do all things,



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