Witches Caught Flying Over Mexico And Verified By Local Police

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Okay so I know some people don’t believe in witches, or don’t believe that they have power….etc etc.

The reality is that witches DO exist, and do exercise power to do witchcraft and demonic spells and things of that nature.

They are not powerful compared to the children of God and cannot harm a child of God who is walking in the blood of Jesus and the authority of Christ. Not only that, but we have authority over ALL of the power that witches walk in and God can do much greater things through His children than we have ever seen any witch do.

With that being said though, believe it or not, there are witches, monks, and just other kinds of people that have learned how to tap into some of that supernatural power and do things like: fly, levitate, change the weather, and so on.

People can say this video is fake, and blah blah blah. I don’t care. I know that witches are real, and that they can fly, and the fact that 2 officers, and many others verified that these were witches is good enough for me.


I think it’s important to be aware of things like this, cause especially in the United States people try to ignore the spiritual realms that are all around us, and the spiritual activity that is going on. When we are more aware of these things we are more prepared and better equipped to function in the realm of God’s kingdom and release His kingdom to those around us.

God loves witches, sorceres, satanists, buddhists and every other person on the earth, and wants them to experience HIS power and love. The power a person has apart from God is nothing compared to the power we have in Christ, so I think it’s good for us to know who we are so we can see God release His power to help bring these kinds of people into the kingdom. So rather than being afraid of them, or condemning them, we just need to show them who the true source of all power is :)



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