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When I’m Down God Will Lift Me Up Because His Love is Enough!! :

When you’re feeling down God wants to lift you up.

When you’re feeling up God wants you to stay low too (humble).

When you’re feeling mighty God wants to give you His gentle strength.

When you’re feeling fearful God wants to make you as bold as a lion.

When you’re feeling weak God wants to make you stronger than iron.

When you’re feeling lazy God wants to make you alive with His energy.

When you’re feeling compassionate God wants to put a fire in your heart to destroy the works of the devil you see in the lives of others.

When you’re feeling creative God wants to bring wisdom and patience to put that creativity into reality.

When you’re feeling visionary God wants to give you practical counsel and advice to help you walk step by step towards the visions in your heart.

When you’re feeling depressed God wants to fill you with the oil of gladness and the joy of salvation.

When you’re feeling impure and unholy God wants to give you the biggest hug of pure and holy love to wipe away all failures and remind you of who you are to Him.

When you’re feeling child-like God wants to let you sit on His lap and be free; and He also wants to remind you that you are living in a world that is not child-friendly and must be a warrior in heart as well.

When you’re feeling like a warrior/solider God reminds you that this isn’t your home and is only your temporary dwelling. You were created for a Kingdom of Glory where there is no more need to fight against the evil and tragedies of this world.

When you’re feeling wise and knowledgable God reminds you that He is infinite, everlasting and created the universe with HIS HANDS, so that we remember that we don’t even know a drop of knowledge compared to an ocean of God’s knowledge that is bigger than the universe.

When we are feeling sick God reminds us that His son paid for all of our healing provision through the cross, and that His redemption brings physical transformation.

When we are walking in doubt, God reminds us that He is the source of our faith, and that we cannot build a Kingdom without Heavenly supplies (like faith).

When we are feeling full of faith, God enables us to live out of new realities that change our current experiences and bring us from a place of faith and believing, to a place of knowledge and experiencing.

When we stop caring for our own life, God reminds us that every drop of blood that was shed on the cross was done so with us in mind, and that in one moment of eternity God has more caring thoughts for us than most people have in their lifetime. ( He is that GOOD and caring towards us).

When we think God is not speaking God reminds us that He knew and was thinking about us and speaking of us before we were even born, and has never stopped speaking to us for a moment of our lives, we just simply stopped listening to what He has to say.

When we think the Bible is the only source of God’s truth, God reminds us that Jesus is the Truth and that every revelation of Truth could only be contained by God Himself and could never all fit into any one book.

When we doubt that God is real, God reminds us that the fact that we can even wonder if God is real is proof of a Creator. Without wisdom, there is no life and progress.
Wisdom brings design, and design brings creation and creativity, and creativity brings new realities.

When we feel tempted God reminds us that the way of sin is emptiness and unfulfillment, and the way of life is joy and pleasure everlasting!

When we feel broken God reminds us that He is the source of our wholeness and nothing else, and we can only be sound and established when we are founded in Him.

When we feel happy God reminds us that it makes Him happy to see us happy. :)

When we feel humorous God reminds us that He is the biggest joker of all and that all true and good humor came from Him, and that He is laughing with us.

When we feel unlovable God reminds us that He loved us at our worst the same as He does at “our best.”

When we feel unrighteous He reminds us that He is our righteousness that it was imparted freely by Christ, and not of our own self.

When we feel like not praying God reminds us that the reason we are still here and alive is because of the prayers of many.

When we feel unity God reminds us that we were all created to be one family in Him.

And when we feel love God reminds us that Love is the greatest, the highest, the lowest, the most powerful, the most wonderful, the most creative, the most giving, the most wise, the most understanding, the most humble, the most kind, the most fierce, the most encouraging, the most comforting, the most caring, the most strengthening, the most unifying, the most forgiving, the most courageous, the most compassionate, the most healing, the most pleasurable, the most joyful, the most humorous, the most serious, the most child-like, the most mature, the most fiery, the most just, the most truthful, the most gracious, the most complete, the most fulfilling, the most important and the most intense expression of life there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we experience pure and unconditional Love God reminds us that this is the reason we are alive, the reason we were born, what we were destined for, what we were made for, and is the only thing that will truly satisfy us in the deepest depths of our being!!

Without Love, life has no meaning, but with the Love of Christ which is greater than all things, all things become possible!!!!

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Blessings to you!

Jason Tax

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  2. Lord, i thank u for everything that you have done in my family. im sorry if i fail u always. please forgive my sins and please give me a long life together with my love ones. bless my family Lord and please fulfill all our needs. im sorry for everything Jesus and i love you. AMEN!

  3. Thank you for this time. Please help me to pray for the job I want. I already submited my application papers so I need your prayers, In JESUS’ name I will get that job

  4. Am a Malawian by nationality,am in South Africa fetching for a Job,your prayers are most welcum,I realy need to work because I know some peope are also waiting for my help…here is my email:(eduardochikufenji@gmail.com)may the good Lord bless you all

  5. My brothers and sisters in christ, this is a wise message. God doesn’t want us to have fear. God is the reason for life. God isn’t one to run from in fear. He is one to be loved, who loved you enough that He allowed Jesus to die so that we may have eternal life.


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