The Glory of The Lord Is Risen Upon Me













The Glory of The Lord is Risen Upon Me  – By Ben Wait
The glory of the Lord is risen upon me
and no darkness stands a chance
Everywhere I go the kingdom of heaven shall be established
The prisoner shall be offered freedom
and the sick, an everlasting life

Not sickness, not war, not even death can separate me from His love
Because the Father loves the Son, and when the Son prayed The Father heard and answered
And we are one

In Him are all things
and all things are in Him
For He created the heavens and earth
He spoke and they were
And life was breathed into man
And man awoke and saw and heard
and partook of His glorious nature
lost in ecstasy and bliss
family in bliss, this is the Fathers delight

He is making all things new
through the fire of His love
His love changes things
from glory to glory

Judgment will be released
On all that interferes with love
On all that is evil and all that corrupts
and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God

Friends of God
They shall be called

Even angels long to look upon this salvation
this redemption

God humbled Himself and became a man
Became like His creation

I give you permission God to blow up my mind with this revelation
better to die in bliss!

What now?
But to look upon my Friend
and to be the me that I am on the inside
out you come, salvation
out you come, to the world
Out you come, with fear and trembling

You better be scared darkness
Because the truth is being revealed
and the more the truth is revealed
the more you fade into nothing
because once the light shines
you have no place
you better be scared
Because my Father is light
and I am in Him and He is in me

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