The Beautiful Land Of Africa – What They Never Show You!













This is a very eye opening video of the beauty and advancement of Africa!!


This for me was a very powerful and eye-opening video of Africa! For so long in my own mind I have always seen Africa as a poor continent with some big cities in a few countries, but mostly people who don’t live in “industrialized cities.”

Though I do realize there are people who are hungry, starving and living in the jungle in Africa, there are also A LOT of people who live in rural cities that have a lot of the basic luxuries that other countries have like cars, nice houses, big buildings, paved streets and so forth. Things that many people who do have them take for granted every day.

This helped me see the entrepreneur, and industrial Africa that is rising up and becoming an economic presence and a global influence.

I believe that Africa is full of brilliant minds and gifted people, and wonder if many of them simply never get the chance to really put their skills to the full use due to the “stereotypes” that are put on Africa.Which is unfortunate if that’s true…

On behalf of America, I say “Africa we love you, and want you to be blessed, to prosper and to bless the nations of the world! Rise up Africa and be the mighty continent that you are destined to be in Jesus name!”

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Land Of Africa – What They Never Show You!

  1. Thanks for being honest and true about our beloved Africa. So much has been said and done about Africa but we are grateful to the Lord God for His love in us and for us. I just am glad the truth is emerging and will set us free. Hope abounds in us and we will never give up. Thank you again and God bless. Lots of love from Africa

  2. when i see this video i wanted more to come to kenya to my boy friend.
    but in africa is also many porety and that didn’t you show, what i feel must also been said.
    as soon as i have money i will come to kenya because i think it is even outside the town a beautiful country.
    i wish i could be there already
    regards danielle

  3. I was spelled bound by the beauty, but I have a could of questions. What about all the animals? Are they still living where they were? What is being done to help the very poor people in Africa? I also heard that the Muslims were killing off the black race, is this true?
    Thank You for your answers. Please now that your country is absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy Africa is prospering so well.

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