Superhuman Strongmen And Feats Of Strength Explained!












Superhuman Strongmen And Feats Of Strength Explained!


So this is a very well done series of videos done by scientists, fitness experts and leading physicians on explaining how it is possible for people to lift huge boulders, squat 100′s of pounds, bend bars, break cement blocks, rip phone books in half, pull semis, and do other extreme feats of strength.
It’s funny cause I was just thinking about how I wanted to know how people were even able to do those kinds of things. I know a lot of it is training and mind over matter, but there are actually a lot of physiological aspects that pertain to the way our bodies grow and respond when they have been trained to perform certain tasks over and over again.

Now I won’t spoil the whole video series (it’s about 50 minutes long altogether and 5 videos) but I can say that I watched the whole thing and greatly enjoyed it! They have some of the greatest people on the planet do things that are absolutely extraordinary, and yet all of them at the end conclude that anyone can do the same things they do if they just simply trained hard enough! Wow!


The more I live, the more I realize how truly possible it can be for anyone to do anything if they simply set their heart to it, and go for it with all they got!








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