Real Angels Singing During A Church Service For Over 15 Minutes!!! – INCREDIBLE!

 Angelic Choir Singing During A Church Service Takes Over The Service!!!

This is such an AMAZING church service!!Angelic_Choir_singing_in_church_service

It is also NOT for the close minded…

This video is the very first time I ever heard angels singing on a video…

It was during a Rodney Howard Brown meeting where angels began singing as they were praising God and speaking in tongues.

Next thing you know an angelic choir begins getting louder, and louder and louder until mostly all you can hear is the angelic choir!

Their voices are so beautifully harmonized and carry very high notes without ever stopping (cause they don’t have to take a breath).

The presence of God is so uplifting while they are singing!!!


Here’s part 2 of the video as well, as the singing lasts about 20 minutes total:


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