Real And Incredible Video Of Angels Singing While Man Worships God!!












This Is A Real And Incredible Video Of Angels SingingWhile A Guy Worships God With His Guitar!!


This is a real video of a man from Argentina who was going after God with his wife, and they would spend all day just worshipping God!

After some time, as they would begin to worship the Lord, angels would sometimes begin to sing with them and the music and worship of heaven would begin to invade the room as they worshipped!!

Then the Lord told him to make a live recording of him worshipping and see what would happen…


So then he recorded an entire album. This is one of the most widely known songs, and for good reason. About half way through the song (around 4 minutes in) the angels begin to sing in the background, and you can hear heavenly type music/instruments.

The angels singing and music gets louder and louder until by the end of the song the heavenly choir has now taken over and all you can hear is the worship and instruments of heaven!!


This video is so ANOINTED and full of the presence of God, I have listened to this song many times!! Man God is amazing and I long to experience more things like this!!


Be blessed and enjoy!!

48 thoughts on “Real And Incredible Video Of Angels Singing While Man Worships God!!

  1. What an awesome thing to do ! My life is in Gods hands too it keeps all evil away so have faith cause when u think youre alone , you arent he will protect u and give u His Care ! Believe always ! God Bless & Happy Mothers Day to all !

  2. In GOD’s Grace, according to His Love, with the Pureness of his willingness to reveal himself.
    He has risen, He will return, and He will take us all with Him, those who remain in Him…
    More of You GOD!!!

  3. Every person shall be washed in the blood of jesus for there is power in the blood ………..amen ………………I really want to listen to this song

  4. My fear and respect to God. Great is His faithfulness. The angels voice are louder beyond human hears could carry. It takes God Great Technology(Holy Spirit) to get the voice recorded in this tape. They are very co-ordinated in great harmony. God is great. His presence is Super-Mighty. I imagine how lovely the voice of the angels are. How great and beautiful calling God. My Love? My Love? I believe God Himself came to the studio. He passed through that studio. It takes a great heart who will stay in that place at that time. I felt like urinating on myself when the angel sang in harmony. I hallow God’s name. Wow Glory! glory! glory!

  5. My soul was lifted, my body is shaking. I feel more complete then ever. You HEAR AND FEEL THE HOLY SPIRIT !!!!!!!! I’m at a lost of word. Praise you YAH. I never want to be without this feeling !!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for another informative web site. Where else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect way? I have a undertaking that I am just now running on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.

  7. hallelujah,
    praise the lord, my father my everything and everything thank you thank you thank you Jehovah thank you Jesus thank you my love

  8. This song is really awesome..could really feel the presence of the Almighty God in this song. I really wish to have a copy of this song, I can I get the download link please.

  9. I want to get the whole video is any1 knos hw to get it, really the first day I listened to it God was revealed to me nd I was experiencing His unconditional love this is so lovely nd blessing too

  10. I’ve heard angels sing a couple of times! This is exactly like what I heard!! Its amazing and beautiful, beyond comprehension!! Praise Jesus!! Hallelujah!! Thank you Father!!!

  11. This is so miraculously great..I believe in this…For when we as a choir sang for the Lord some say we sang with the angels or sing like angels.l

  12. it touched My Heart you will really feel the presence of the Lord. He is so god! Elias was so lucky he wad so blessed….

  13. my Heart was touched by the song you will really feel the presence of the Lord, He is so good! Elias was so lucky he was so blessed!

  14. I am deeply touched by this Video, and I believe that God is moving in our midst. May his name be praised in every corner of the world.We pray that the good Lord will reveal himself to those who have not yet believed, that he is the Risen Lord. He is the same God, 2000 years ago, yesterday, today and forever. Lord, reveal yourself in a miraculous and amazing way to those who are persecuting Christian in many places, that they may Know you.
    Thank you Jesus.

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