Jesus Wins

Jesus Wins


Remake of Rob Bell’s Love Wins!I found this very interesting.


The Most Misinterpreted Verse In The Bible (Jeremiah 29:11)


This video has a great Teaching on The Verse Jeremiah 29:11. This is a very popular verse that is often used out of context.





This Is So Funny! Watch This Unique Dog.

dog with hands


Watch this hilarious video of this dog. Just another morning routine in a dogs life.


Christmas wish comes true. Sister waits for her brother to come home from the Army



You will see one of the most emotional homecomings for a sweet little girl. Zoe waited for her brother to return safely from a tour. She prayed every day and every night. She cried days and nights wondering when he would come home. She had not idea he was coming home… until she was told to open the door that the best present was waiting for her…YES..her brother..She was in shock..he was HOME!


Real Beauty

Real Beauty

You Are more beautiful than you think!!!


I Am Second – Bailee Madison


bailee MAdison

Wow SO much faith in such a young girl. i was amazed to hear what she had to say!