Jesus is the only ONE who fills the gap. He is the only way.
It’s only Him that satisfies- no one else does, nothing else.
The world may try to satisfy, you may search the wide world over but you’ll never find true satisfaction.

For only Jesus can satisfy your soul. Only Him.


God Can Repair Our Heart of Stone And Make It New

A funny animated video about a man who sculpted a heart of stone. He’s grieving the death of his father and hostile to something called “bible”.

We experience pain at times in our life and get brokenhearted but good thing God fixes them.Times are tough but when we have Jesus in our hearts. We have all we need. Watch and be touched.


Gates of Heaven


You can’t enter heaven with your good deeds alone. Jesus is the only way! The only key to enter the gates of heaven. If we accept Jesus and repent from our sin then that’s it! We are welcome. It is by God’s grace and He offers it only as a gift.

Watch! Meditate and be blessed!


If This Song Doesn’t Touch Your Heart You Might Want To Check Your Pulse…

If This Song Doesn’t Touch Your Heart You Might Want To Check Your Pulse…

This is the COOLEST version of “The Little Drummer Boy” song I have ever heard!

What a great way to get you into the holiday season with a new and original version of a great classic, by a very talented group!

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Christian Pick-up Lines?

This is a funny video I saw about Christian pick-up lines. One goes, “Hi, my name is Will… God’s will”. This is not making fun of the Bible or anything at all, but just young people from church having fun.

Christian Pick-up Lines

Maybe I should try one of these and see if they work, because maybe these are “anointed” pick-up lines. Nah, just have fun with it.


What Does It Mean to Be Truly Human?


What does it mean to be truely humanTo love is to be vulnerable! This video talks about living in community and allowing your heart to be open that is the only way you will truly  be able to feel joy.