One Of The Greatest Keys To Success In Any Area Of Life

You know so much of life is affected by our perspectives…

Many people create problems for themselves by having poor or negative attitudes, choosing to say things they shouldn’t and by living in habits that are not the best.

Yet many of us still do these things?


Because somewhere along the way we lost vision, set aside hope, or allowed the things around us to change who we are/what we do.

The good news here is that if you choose to change things, you can. It’s really that easy.

Not choosing just by feelings, but choosing by actions.

One of the best things I’ve learned in life for being successful in any area of your life, wether it be spiritually in becoming like Christ, relationally in learning how to develop more healthy relationships/friendships with those around you, how to get more fit and be healthier, how to be more successful in business or at your job, or even how to be better at sports or other hobbies… Has been being humble and hungry enough to learn from those who are already doing the things you want to do.

I wish I had learned this earlier in life because it would have changed many things for me.

Having your own natural talent is rarely enough. I have been learning more and more the past years from people who are doing the things that I want to be doing, and have even started doing on some of them.

And over and over and over again, I have heard from the people I’ve learned from that they would spend lots of time learning from those who were doing the things they wanted to do/accomplish in life, and that is what helped them to grow so quickly into achieving their goals and dreams, and now being able to teach others how to do it as well.

A huge secret to success is simply to listen and learn from those who are already successful and to not listen as much to people who are not successful in that area of life, but still think they have the best perspective (cause if they were really right, then why doesn’t their life show it???).

It really is that simple.

When you want to learn English you don’t learn it from someone who has only knows Spanish, you learn it from an English teacher, and one who is well experienced with the English language.

WHen you want to learn how to grow in ministry, you don’t learn from someone who thinks they know a lot, but doesn’t bear the fruit of one who walks with God, regardless of what kind of “degree” they may have. You learn from someone who bears fruit that resembles a person who walks with Jesus (even though they will always have imperfections as well).

WHen you want to be successful in business you start learning from people who have great success in business and stop listening to people who don’t and all their negative, or even positive but misinformed opinions of what you should do with your life. If you want to be successful in business start reading books, listening to audios and learning from people who are successful and it will inspire your heart to move forward.

If you want to get fit and in shape…Then you should _____________???????

hahaha. Hopefully you get the point. Don’t be stubborn or proud and feel like you have to do it all on your own, and don’t just wait for everything to plop into your lap.

You are in charge of you, so make decisions and commitments to progress towards your goals, start learning from others, and keep going until you’ve progressed and progressed and progressed until you finally get to where you wanted to be, and now you can dream much bigger cause you already accomplished what you first set out to do!!! Amen???


(As a side note, this is obviously not the only key to success, as to me God is the greatest teacher and learning directly from him is the best person to learn from, but God also gives wisdom to one another so that we can help each other to grow in other areas faster as well)

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