Kat Kerr Rebukes Christians For Being Judgmental Towards Each Other


This is an awesome and loving rebuke to all Christians about judging each other and being harsh towards one another.

I love how gently, yet firmly and wisely Kat Kerr reminds us that it’s not about the sin issues in our lives… Just because people are going through hard times, doesn’t mean God wants them to, or is punishing them for their sins.

God wants us to be free from sin, pain, suffering and sorrow. But this world is full of things that are contrary to the will of God, and bad things happen to good and bad people (wether saved or not).

The difference is that God promises to help us when bad things happen to overcome, and to also avoid situations that could cause us harm when we obey. But that does not mean that if something bad happens we are to say that it’s because we did something wrong.

We live in a world that has fallen from God’s grace in many ways, and needs to be restored more fully back to the Love and Glory of Our Father. So in that process we sometimes experience things that are contrary to God’s will for our lives, because this world is not walking in God’s will at all times.


So if you’re going through tough situations it is most likely not the will of God for you, but what is God’s will is for you to trust in Him, obey His leading and learn to overcome the situations that may be trying to hinder you or come against you.

God loves you and wants you to be full of His life!

And I pray that right now God touches every one who is reading this and helps you to experience the knowledge of His Love more! In Jesus name may every false way be broken off your life, every judgment and criticism spoken over you by others fall to the ground, and every encouraging thought that God has for you begin to fill your mind! May God give you strength to follow Him and pursue His Love passionately every day. I thank You Lord and give You praise! Amen!


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