Jesus Heals A Blind Muslim In Egypt And Crowd Reacts In Worship To God!


Jesus Heals A Blind Muslim In Egypt And Crowd Reacts In Worship To God!

This is a very powerful and life-transforming video of a blind Egyptian muslim boy who is miraculously healed by God through prayer!

It’s not every day that I have gotten to see a real blind person instantly begin to see, but this video is pretty clear to me that God moved mightily in this boy’s life.

The mother who brought the boy had taken him to every form of “spiritual healing” place she could think of and nothing would work.

She and the boy were also muslims, but she was desperate to see her boy healed so she brought him to a catholic priest in Egypt that sees miracles when he prays for people.

As you can see in the video there were many other muslim people in that church seeking prayer as well.

Personally I think it’s awesome that this catholic priest was praying by laying a cross on the boy and throwing holy water on him and then God miraculously healed the boy!

Not because I think you need to throw holy water on someone, or lay a cross on them for God to heal them, but because I do believe that God can and will heal people through any means possible, if we will just simply have faith and step out to pray for them!!

God doesn’t care what age, color, race, gender, background or whatever you come from, He just wants to love you and love others through you! So don’t be afraid to let God move in and through your life and set the captives free!


It’s amazing the reaction of all the people when the boy starts to see, I’m sure many of them gave their lives to Jesus that day. Thank You Lord for who You are and for all the miraculous things you do! May Your name be glorified more and more in and through our lives, through the power of Your Love!

7 thoughts on “Jesus Heals A Blind Muslim In Egypt And Crowd Reacts In Worship To God!

  1. Thank you Father. Papa, do more miracle in every nooks and crannies that the unbelievers would know that You are mighty and worthy to be worshiped and adored.

  2. Wow this is Powerfull let it be the glory to the most High God I like it when evry nation can acknowledge that there is no other god beside the Lord of Nazareth the Son of the most High

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