Is God A Murderer Or A Loving And Just Father Seeking To Protect His Children?












Is God A Murderer Or A Loving And Just Father Seeking To Protect His Children?

You know I’ve been seeing a lot of comments lately about how God is a “Murderous” God and killed tons of people in the “Old Testament” like this one:

“How many murders were in the bible? 2,821,264 is the actual number, but it’s estimated at 25 million. It’s a very violent book.” – (anonymous)

So 25 million is such a huge number huh…

What about world war I – 37 Million
World war 2 – 60 million

Abortions world wide since 1980 1.2 BILLION

Now to me it looks like the world history book is a much more violent book than the Bible. (especially the last 100 years)

Not only that, but if you were to count all the deaths in the Bible times that were from people killing other people (God not being involved) it would be extremely higher than the number of people that God was active in killing…


But when you live in a time period where your entire village, town, city or nation could be overrun in a day by an invading country, thieves, barbarians, or mercenaries, it is a whole different ball game. People literally could die any day from an enemy force invading their town and slaughtering everyone, including men, women and children. People would rape the women, sell people into slavery, rip open pregnant women’s bellies and smash their babies on rocks, offer new born living babies as ritual sacrifices to be burned alive in worship of their gods, and commit horrendous acts far beyond anything most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

So when God steps in and starts “taking people out” He is just responding to the violence and chaos that is already in the earth and attempting to bring some order and fear of the the Lord into the hearts of men, so that they will stop fighting and killing each other. It is NOT because God likes to hurt or kill anyone, but because people back then would not have any fear nor regard for any God that could not save them from an army that was going to destroy their whole village.

Times have changed now, and since Jesus died on the cross, the we now have access to the powerful and living Spirit of God for all men to be born again. So we are to love and live a life of love towards others. This was God’s intention from the beginning, but without His Spirit dwelling inside of mankind, it would not be possible to love selflessly to the extent that we are supposed to.

Not only that, but even the social and justice standards of our day are much different than back then. You don’t have to worry about a band of barbarians coming into your house at any moment and raping the women and killing everyone. However this was a very real and daily threat for people during the days of the Old Testament. And if you weren’t trained on how to fight, you were feed for the slaughter.

Now I could also list a whole bunch of other things that people have died from that are a result of people’s bad choices being made even today (like how many have died from drunk driving and traffic accidents, murders and suicides)

But you know what? The point isn’t that God wants to kill people. That’s just a foolish assumption that people make to have an excuse not to know Him, when they have no idea how AWESOME, KIND AND AMAZING GOD REALLY IS!

The point is that the #1 all time killer of people is OTHER PEOPLE!! Wether it be in the name of God, the name of atheism, the name of a country, the name of a king, the name of a woman, the name of pride, or just plain evil, mankind has been the greatest killer of mankind there is…

God gets such a bad wrap from so many people who just don’t know Him and yet try to explain who He is…

And I certainly don’t know much of anything, but I do know that God is infinitely more Loving, Kind, Generous, Selfless, Compassionate, Wise and Powerful than any person I’ve ever met.

But anyways…just want to give you a little food for thought and a nice rebuttal to all those who claim God is a “murderous God”. If people weren’t going around recklessly killing each other, God would never have had to kill anyone.

But that’s for another time…haha.

7 thoughts on “Is God A Murderer Or A Loving And Just Father Seeking To Protect His Children?

  1. God indeed is a lovely Father and not a killer or what people say He is. According to the book of John. He gave His son because of The Love He had for us. God is love

  2. Well Thought. Think Of This If People Were Good,they Would Not Kill Each Other. God Is God Of Justice At The Same Time Merciful, Caring And Protector. If He Eliminates Killers He Is Protecting The Weak Ones.

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