Gary Oates Sees Angels And Teaches Believers How To See Them Too!

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Gary Oates had an encounter with God during a service where God opened up his eyes to begin to see angels!

That encounter not only changed his life, but has helped him minister to thousands about the importance of angels and how to begin to see and partner with God and His angels!

This video is awesome and gives a short bit of revelation on what Gary experienced, and how you can begin to experience seeing angels as well.

For those who don’t know, it is perfectly normal for believers to see angels. Men and women of God encountered angels throughout the Bible and Revelation is full of experiences where the apostle John saw angels, and even spoke with them.

Angels are messengers of God, but they are also friendly with people and want to help us experience God and see His promises fulfilled in our lives.

We do not worship angels, but we can talk with them, interact with them, and even partner with God to release them to help others.

If you have had any encounters with angels before, feel free to share in the comments below to help edify others who will read this as well. :)


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