Are You Valuable?

Are You Valuable?


“Why do such beautiful girls fall for such crappy guys?”

“Cause the choose to receive the love they think they deserve.”

(Quote from a movie my parent’s were watching that is still ringing in my heart)..

Many people allow themselves to settle for much less than what they are worth, because they do not know or believe in their worth.

Not just with partners, but with friends, with jobs, with lifestyle, with health, and much more.

We were created for so much more and our value is beyond measure…

The more we realize this, the more we will live like this, and the more we will value others.

One who only values himself, will always base his value on wether or not he/she can “outperform” or “Outdo” someone else. This is a wrong value, and will always lead to de-valuing others to attempt to increase one own’s value in their own mind.

I never really knew how my true value until I realized how much God loves and values me unconditionally. You see unless you know God’s unconditional love and value, how can you value yourself and others unconditionally?

It is being able to know that you have the greatest value you could have, even in the midst of the worst things you are doing, that enables you to be secure in God’s love and also be able to love and value others around you when they are doing things they should not be.

Rom. 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

God showed how much He infinitely loves and values us when He gave the most valuable thing He could possibly give in exchange for us… His own life!!! Since God is the Creator of all, there is nothing in all of creation more valuable than God. So when God/Jesus gave His own life, that we might freely live forever in His love, He was giving the most valuable gift, and making the greatest sacrifice that could ever be made for us!! WOW!!

God is so good!
True value comes when you realize that every person alive is invaluable, even if they have chosen to live a lifestyle or do things that make them seem “worthless” to others.

Every person has the potential to be someone great, no matter where they are currently at in life.

And someone who truly knows how great they are, is someone who can see the potential greatness that each person they meet has, as well as in themselves.

Jesus was able to see the value and greatness we had, even in our “darkest” of times… Surely it is a godly life to then show this some love and value to those around us as we begin to know His value for us!!

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