AMAZING Video Of A Paralyzed Woman For 23 Years Gets Up And Walks!!










AMAZING Video Of A Paralyzed Woman For 23 Years Gets Up And Walks!!



This video made me break down in tears the first time I saw it when I saw this paralyzed lady get miraculously healed by God and she starts walking for the first time in 23 YEARS!!!

This happened at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Alabama in August of 2010.

The woman was paralyzed from the waist down and was not able to walk, and had almost no feeling at all in her legs for 23 years…

I personally have longed and prayed many times for paralyzed people to walk and have seen people with strokes begin to get more movement and strength, and many other kinds of miracles, but have yet to see a fully paralyzed person get completely healed like this. To see a woman who was in a wheelchair for 23 years get up and start walking for the first time, was heart-wrenching!


Declare this with me brothers and sisters:

“God You’re so good, and I know that you want to heal every sick, afflicted, and disabled person on the earth! I know that you can and will heal through me if I simply believe and step out in faith to release your power to those in need. Help me to be brave, help me to be strong and help me to release your faith to heal those in need. I believe that You can do it Lord, and I believe that You will do it in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!”

Praise the Lord!

21 thoughts on “AMAZING Video Of A Paralyzed Woman For 23 Years Gets Up And Walks!!

  1. I felt the holy spirit come threw this cpt, oh how WONDERFUL to fell something, I Love Jesus & have been in a service with the HOLY SPIRIT so strong, that was when I was 15yrs old & things happen in the church & I LOVED going to anything that had to do with MY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,but then some “people” about 15 of them started coming to my Church, about a month went by then 1 night right after we sang they all gathered around a Sister in Christ 82 yrs.old ( a prayer warriorer ) she had been in that church since she was married,they started calling demons out of Her,it was such a shock no one ( that had always been coming there ) did anything to stop it,not even the Pastor, I knew that very nite that something was going to change& it did, My only JOY split up & I did too, I tried to go to one church ( the one they started with the pastor that was voted out of my church ) & then the next Sunday I would go to my church, but it didn’t work, you see I loved the pastor & his wife, I was there babysitter & some of the members that went with them. You see my Daddy died when I was 12yrs old, My Daddy always took & showed us Jesus though His life of 56yrs,He told me on his death bed to take care of Mama & I did but after I couldn’t find anyone & no one tried to help me understand what happen, I just stopped going & no one cared, I stayed & took care of Mama who was loved by my Daddy as Christ Loves the church, a lot has happen & I need to talk to someone who cares, I have not been the same since that happen & tonight watching that video I felt it, but now what? I need someone to call me, I can’t seem to find my way & I don’t want to hurt My JESUS again. I live in Carrollton, Ga. my # is 770-854-7417. PLEASE help me I don’t want to live like this anymore. I pray & sing & try to talk to others I see in the store about JESUS, I LOVE HIM & the sickness the devil put on me, I KNOW I can find MY JOY AGAIN, Thank You for sharing that with me. To GOD be THE GLORY I’m tried of riding the fence, help me in JESUS NAME. Goodnight & GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. The Lord that healed her is also my healer. I had dislocation of the pelvic since 2011 and up till date the bone has nt entered into the socket. Pls, i need ur prayers. Thanks

  3. Thank you for sharing this, as I will also! I have always believed in miracles, and have always dreamed of seeing one! Even though I didn’t get to see one in person yet, I am thrilled to FINALLY see one! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  4. I have lymphedema, arthritis, fibromalygia, diabetes, sleep apnea and I swell terribly. I need your prayers for healing. My God can and will heal. Thank you Jesus.

  5. may God of ABRAHAM ,ISAAC d JACOB see you through will all ua needs.what you need to do is have faith d believe in him d everything will b possible.i hav seen God muraculous done in2 my lyf d i bliv u to can get it.God hear the cry of ua people.

  6. I am asking for prayer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I had a rare form that was very aggressive. I list my dad in 2009 and my husband died in 2011. My life had just started to find joy again and asked by the most wonderful man to be his wife. I said yes anfd two weeks later found a lump in my breast. I pray for healing and that God will use me and also take away my fears. Its hard to serve when you are constantly in fear and i know what the word says about fear. Please pray for me to be completely healed with no recurrence and to bring praise abd glory to the Lord GOD Almighry. Thanks so much! God bless you!

  7. Thank you for sharing this also brought me to tears….Hallelujah Gory to your name Lord, thank you Jesus Christ who makes all things possible.

  8. How is this woman today? Is she walking on her own? She seemed weak in the video, needing help to walk. She must have gained all her strength by now.

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