A Woman’s Lifeless Arm Comes Back To Life In Jesus Name!


A Woman’s Lifeless Arm Comes Back To Life In Jesus Name!

This is such a powerful miracle from God!

A mighty man of faith named Pete Cabrerra prays for a woman who has an arm that was broken in half and is in a lot of pain. She also has plates and screws that were put into her arm to help hold it together that limit her mobility.

Her hand was also “lifeless” in that she could not lift her hand or fingers up because of nerve damage and the doctors said that they did not know if/when it would ever recover.

But our faithful and awesome God reigns supreme and begins to heal his daughter with His Love and Power!

Within a few minutes the pain leaves, her arm can band, and her hand is given life again!

She starts doing things she could not do before and even her daughter testifies that her mom is much better.


However, based on this video it looked like it wasn’t 100% healed. But then she came back another time because she wanted to share how she went to the doctor’s and is now 100% healed because of the power of God!

Unfortunately though she hurt her other shoulder, and needed prayer for that as well. So guess what God does???




You can see her 2nd visit and healing here:


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