2 People With Crutches Walk Away Completely Healed By The Power Of God!











This Is An INCREDIBLE Video Where 2 People With Crutches Walk Away Completely Healed By The Power Of God!


This is a very amazing and inspiring video where a good friend of mine named Jason Chin is praying for 2 different people who had crutches.

After praying for each one, both of them walk away walking on their leg/foot that was injured, and are completely healed!!

The first guy in the video Jason has to pray for multiple times before he is healed. Each time Jason prayed for him, there was a change, but the full healing didn’t happen until after all 3 prayers. This is a good thing to know for those who are still learning to release God’s healing.

Jesus prayed for a blind buy twice in the Bible before he was completely healed, so if Jesus prayed twice for someone to be healed, well don’t you think sometimes it takes a few prayers for us to see God fully heal someone?

So after 3 prayers you can see the man now walking away holding his crutches in his hands!!


The 2nd person that Jason prays for had dislocated his big toe and after just 1 quick prayer the young guy is INSTANTLY healed!! He is in shock as he begins to walk around with NO PAIN!

Next thing you know the guy takes off the protective boot and starts running down the street 100% HEALED BY THE POWER OF GOD!!

Praise you Jesus!

The young guy could hardly believe what just happened…..

haha. Isn’t Jesus so Good??!!

You are called to see Jesus heal you and heal others through you!

All things are possible to Him who believes and Jesus said that whoever believes in Him would do the same works that He did! (John 14:12)

So do you believe my brothers and sisters?

Will you step out in faith to see God’s power released through you?




13 thoughts on “2 People With Crutches Walk Away Completely Healed By The Power Of God!

  1. I want you guys to thank God ,keep on with your faith ,god have saved you now it’s time u should return the favour by praying to him and you should preach this word of God to everyone .may God bless you guys ,l will put you in my prayers too

  2. In 2011 my oldest son was in a horrible car accident and this past December 14, 2013 we finally able to bring him to stay with us. My husband and I have been doing our very best to aide our son Harold Tait in his journey of healing and have witnessed such miracles. We continue to pray and watch our Lord Jesus’ miracles unfold before our eyes. I just always ask to all Jesus’ children to continue to pray for Harold to have his voice back because my son will be going for surgery this June 2013 to repair the damage done in his throat and be able to talk again and will no longer require the peg feeding tube, as the trachyostomy

  3. I was not finished and hit the wrong button.
    We are waiting this surgery so that he can talk and be able to swallow most food as well as medication. There is a wound on his coccyx that is healing as well. Our son Harold Tait has made it through so many trials and through our Lord Jesus he is saved. Amen

  4. Bless Jesus HOLY Name, I do believe in the Power of the Lord and I praise him each and everyday my God gives me to make it right with Him

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