What This Guy Did On Christmas To Bless Others, Will Touch Your Heart!

What this guy did on Christmas was truly awesome! You can see by the responses of those whose lives were touched, how much these small acts of kindness made a huge impact in their lives! Wouldn’t it be great if we all did stuff like this every once in a while?


An Interview with God

A short video about what surprises God about mankind. God’s answers were kinda funny, of course because they’re very true.

This video tells us also that God is always here for us all the time. Just call unto Him and He shall answer.

Watch and be inspired!



A funny short film that reflects the specific scripture 2 Corinthians 5:7 that says “we walk by faith, not by sight.”
Our faith will be what gets us to where God wants to be.

With God nothing is impossible.

Watch and have fun! God loves you.


This Generation

Teenagers nowadays?  Well, Internet-devoted but often times not God-devoted.

This video describes the generation of the present.. which is often more involved in social networking than to the truth about God. Not reading the bible but always checking facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. They even say a young mind is easy to corrupt, especially when you do not have God.

Watch and see for yourself.


The Victor Marx’s Story

Recognized as the best in different fields of martial arts. Impressive? Not so much..
Well this video tells the story of Victor, a man who was trapped in bitterness but now
a strong follower of God. He simply believes that with God nothing is impossible.
And now he continues to serve God.

Be inspired.


Speech About Jesus

There’s no greater question in our lives than “Who is Jesus?”

This young man tell about who is Jesus. What has Jesus done to him.
No man has seen God but Jesus is described as the “exact representation of God,
image of God and the image of the invisible God.